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Among online service providers, both new and existing freelancers are experiencing remarkable outcomes through their collaboration with me

This opportunity is available for a limited time only. We're opening up a select number of slots each week, ensuring you receive the attention and guidance you deserve.

Hi friend, Destiny Here

Hey Freelancers!

After taking some well-needed time off over the last few months, I'm back – well-rested and eager to dive into the next chapter. I've missed connecting with all of you and I'm excited to reconnect, especially with aspiring freelancers like you who are looking for that extra support to get your business on track.

As we step into this new phase, I'm thrilled to introduce our fresh value-packed consultation calls designed exclusively for you. Your success is my priority, and these tailored sessions are here to provide the guidance and insights you need. Let's work together to make your freelance journey a thriving one!

What this is NOT...

  • This is NOT just another course
  • ​This is NOT just coaching
  • ​This is NOT just another shiny object

Here is exactly what you can get

Choose Your Focus:

Ready to elevate your freelance journey? Select your desired consultation call, and let's make your thriving future a reality.

ThriveLaunch Strategy Session: Crafting Your Freelance Success Roadmap

Unveil your personalized roadmap for launching and scaling a thriving freelance career. We'll delve into niche selection, pricing tactics, client acquisition, or building a robust online presence. Perfect for freelancers embarking on their journey or seeking growth strategies.

ThrivePortfolio Power-Up: Crafting a Winning Showcase

Elevate your online presence by mastering the art of creating captivating portfolios that attract clients. Learn the secrets of impactful portfolio design, showcasing work effectively, and understanding what makes portfolios truly stand out. Ideal for freelancers looking to showcase their expertise in style.

ThriveClient Connection Clinic: Mastering Client Relationship

Sharpen your client management skills to build lasting relationships and drive repeat business. Discover the keys to effective communication, setting client expectations, handling challenges gracefully, and nurturing strong rapport. A must for freelancers seeking excellence in client interactions..

Here is exactly what you'll get

The ThriveConsult call

Elevate your freelancing with Thrive with Destiny Consultation Calls. Secure your spot today and unlock the doors to a thriving freelance career!

Here's what's included

  • Tailored Consultation Call (60 Minutes): Dive into your chosen focus area with Destiny Brown, an experienced operations specialist and certified Dubsado expert. Receive personalized advice and actionable strategies to address your specific needs and challenges.

  • Actionable Steps for Immediate Impact: Walk away from the consultation call with concrete action steps you can implement right away. Maximize the value of your 30-minute session with practical strategies that lead to real results.

  • ​Expert Insights and Guidance: Benefit from Destiny's extensive experience as she provides insights, techniques, and best practices relevant to your freelance journey. Get answers to your burning questions and gain clarity on your next steps.

  • ​​Immediate Application for Lasting Results: Benefit from the wisdom of an experienced freelancer mentor. Our ThriveConsult sessions unlock access to insights and strategies that have driven exponential growth for freelancers. Leverage this expertise to propel your career forward with confidence.

Your freelance journey deserves dedicated attention. Don't miss this chance to book a value-packed consultation call that aligns with your goals. These limited slots won't wait—secure your spot today!

Regular Price = $227 / MONTH - GET $77 OFF TODAY!

Today's Price = $150


The Freelancer Startup Kit

($127 Value)

What Comes In My Kit

  • Client Onboarding SOP Template

  • Client Onboarding Checklist

  • Client Welcome Email

  • Proposal Template

  • Terms Of Service Template

  • Service Rate Calculator

  • Intake Form Questions

  • Service & Pricing Guide (portfolio)

  • Freelancer Contract Template X2

  • Discovery Call Follow-Up Template

  • Discovery Call Questions

I was stuck...

until I unlocked the power of elevated services and got consistent income in my freelance biz

My Freelance Journey: From ESL Teacher to Thriving Entrepreneur

Back in 2015, I embarked on a journey that would change the course of my professional life. Starting as an ESL teacher, I felt a desire for something more, a path that would allow me to carve my own way and have a lasting impact on both my career and life. This desire led me to take my first step into the world of freelancing.

I remember those early days vividly – teaching classes online marked my very first move into the world of freelancing. This initial taste of independence ignited a spark within me. Eager to explore further, I soon transitioned into the role of a virtual assistant. However, the excitement came with a price.

Overwhelmed by stress and an influx of clients, I reached a crossroads.

Recognizing the need for change, I decided to seek guidance. With a leap of faith, I reached out to a mentor who helped me navigate this complex landscape. This mentorship became the pivotal moment that set me on a new trajectory. Armed with fresh perspectives and strategies, I took a bold step and redefined my approach.

In 2017, I achieved a significant milestone – my first $7K in revenue within my freelance business. This moment not only validated my efforts but also sparked a fire of gratitude within me. I came to understand the power and potential that freelancing held. The freedom to shape my destiny and the opportunities it presented were truly transformative.

As time progressed, my freelance business flourished. I had the privilege to collaborate with incredibly talented individuals, and this journey was enriched further by the ability to give back. I found purpose in creating opportunities for others, leading me to hire over 15 women, including my two sisters, fostering a sense of community and empowerment.

Freelancing became my gateway to a life of abundance. It afforded me the means to consistently explore the world, traversing through 42 countries. More than just travel, freelancing became a conduit for stability, enabling me to provide for myself and my family.

In 2020, an unexpected opportunity emerged – helping virtual assistants launch their own businesses. This experience ignited a passion within me to share my insights and knowledge on a broader scale. Thus, my coaching business was born. Since then, I've had the privilege to guide and support 845 individuals on their freelance journeys through coaching, digital products, and programs.

Today, I stand as Destiny Brown, an operations specialist, a certified Dubsado expert, and your dedicated coach. My journey from an ESL teacher to a thriving entrepreneur has been nothing short of exhilarating. Each person I've been able to support is a testament to the incredible potential that lies within the world of freelancing. And with every new individual I can assist, my sense of fulfillment only deepens.

Welcome to ThriveConsult – let's embark on this journey together and unlock your fullest potential in the world of freelancing.

Remember, we have only a few slots available each week. The clock is ticking, and your freelance success is just a consultation away.

Regular Price = $227 / MONTH - GET $77 OFF TODAY!

Today's Price = $150








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